Every window in your home is another opportunity to be designer, creative, and/or thoughtful to the rest of the room. Windows can create an entirely different look for your home. Give the illusion of having more space. Complete your designer space. Create new light. Get a whole new view on life.

Our favorite trend at Window Innovations is always the “bare window” look. When you have such beautiful windows from quality manufacturers like Marvin and Andersen Windows, why cover them up? However, we know that there might be other elements you’d like to play up in the room decor. So, for 2018 here’s a look at upcoming trends.

Large Patterns

A recurring theme is large scale patterns. In June 2018 House Beautiful projected ideas galore incorporate large patterns, loud splashes of color or large graphical treatments. These bold statements give the windows more of a reason to be admired than just the view!

Large Windows and Curtain Door Walls

Let the light shine through with large, beautiful windows and doors. It’s popular to have large windows and door walls that integrate the outdoors-in with a home’s concept. Additionally, you’ll allow more natural light into your home. You won’t have to turn on your lights until it gets dark, which will save you money on your electric bills.

Your Windows Need To Be In High Places

To the ceiling! In homes with tall ceilings, it’s common to have architectural windows higher on your walls. Often used in conjunction with other windows at normal heights, they allow more light in and add extra pizzazz to your home. On trend with curtains from the ceiling (makes any room appear bigger), high windows carry the eye upwards and bring more sky into the room.

Standing Out By Blending In

It is always fashionable to take in the surroundings to create the best use of space and light. Case in point is this home in Door County, WI featured in Marvin Window and Doors blog.

Throughout the home, smaller, strategically placed windows are used to draw daylight into the interior spaces and individually frame curated views of the forest. – Sebastian Schmaling, architect and home owner

Jewel Tones

The top trend in window fashions this year according to HGTV is jewel tones. As simple as a dramatic jewel tone shade to high gloss plantation shutters. Let your imagination – and palette – run on the bright side.

Bold Statements Require Bold Windows

With such bold statements on the windows, it’s even more critical that the windows carry the look. From the outside to how they look out, we can help you fulfill your dream of a fashionable room!

Call Window Innovations for a free, in home consultation. Share your dream look. And, while we don’t sell the window treatments, we’ll help you achieve the fashion statement you are looking for!