Government Energy Performance Labeling

Government energy performance labeling is designed to help the consumer. But, we admit – it can be confusing. At Window Innovations a big part of our motto is Hassle-Free. So, we are here to answer your questions further. What makes it ENERGY STAR? ENERGY STAR qualified, windows, doors, and skylights: Are manufactured by an ENERGY STAR partner, […]

Don’t Fear Fall! End of Season Savings Event!

Window Replacement in the Fall / Winter Season You may have heard that replacing windows during winter months is a bad idea. This is a common misconception among homeowners, but the truth is, there are some advantages to scheduling your window replacement project during the fall and winter months. Keep reading to find out about […]

When Can You Replace Windows? Anytime!

Experts estimate that 70% of a home’s energy loss occurs in windows and doors, and 90% of window heat loss occurs through the glass. Although no one really wants to think about their home’s windows, they are an important barrier to the weather that can drastically affect your energy bills and overall comfort. Don’t put […]

Big Windows That Bring the Outside In

(Consumer Reports) Big windows used to be associated with drafty homes and high energy bills. But innovations in today’s window and home construction have made it possible to install walls of windows that let in lots of natural light while keeping out the cold and noise. Many of the windows on display at the International […]

Today’s Remodeling: Multi-Generational Home

In the past, some of our customers were telling us their key focus was to “age in place”. And, the reality according to U.S. Census Bureau data projects the over-65 population growing from 47 million in 2015 to 71 million by 2030, and most older people who answered a 2016 Home Advisor survey said they […]

8 New Builder Trends For Your Replacement Window Project

New builder trends from our showroom to consider for your window replacement project: #8 Energy efficiency: Energy-efficient windows are so ingrained in everything we do now it’s hard to even consider them a trend. In fact, ENERGY STAR® certification has become an expectation and a requirement for many consumers. #7 Expansive glass: The growth in […]

Winter Survival Guide for Your House

Between freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and wind, winter can be hard on your house. Read this article for a few Winter Survival Tips to help you get through those cold months. There is also a link to a great “how-to” video to help you implement some of these survival tips.

Easy Fall Prep for a Warm and Cozy Home

Here are a few projects to get your home ready for the coming cold weather and holiday season—from looking after your exterior to maintaining your heating system—that can help your home brace for the cold and save you some cash.

10 Fall Home Maintenance Musts

Use these ten easy fall maintenance projects to keep your house in peak condition through the winter. Everything from Preparing you desk, reversing ceiling fans and ensuring that your windows and door frames are caulked and sealed to prevent heat from escaping.

5 Tips to Cut Your Electricity Bill

Cutting back on your energy usage is one of the best ways to bring down your electricity bill. Making changes to not only your wattage consumption, but also the way your home retains and expels air can have a dramatic effect on the way your space uses electricity. Here are 5 tips on how to […]

5 Vital Guidelines for Home Energy Optimization

As we all know energy inefficiency is a huge problem for most homes. Home improvement and performance are never-ending drills. Initiating the process of home energy can be quite overwhelming. Here’s a beginner’s list to get you going on the right track. Rated from 1 to 5 by level of difficulty to repair by: doing […]