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Window Innovations started out with one goal in 2001; out-service the competition

Quality Windows That Last

As Omaha’s exclusive Marvin window and door dealer, you get windows and doors that stand the test of time—and look good doing it. We’ve been around since 2001, and our goal since then has never changed: we’re here to out-service the competition with pricing as clear as our windows.

Marvin Window Omaha, NE
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Our Commitment to Perfection

We know the saying that perfect isn’t easy—but we still strive for it in every project we do. We won’t walk away from a project until we know you have gotten exactly what you want in your windows and we’re upfront with how much each project will take. Don’t worry about hidden costs, high-pressure sales, or being nickel-and-dimed with us: we’re here to get the job done right the first time and with a compassionate eye to your needs.

Introducing Infinity from Marvin​

At Window Innovations, we take pride in the products we use, and that’s no clearer than the fiberglass used in the Infinity windows from Marvin. An exclusive offer you’ll only find from our company, Infinity windows are made with incredible strength and enduring style in mind. If you’re in the market for replacement windows, you’ve come to the right place. Breathe new life back into your home with windows that look as stunning as they are long-lasting. 

Marvin Window Omaha, NE

The Best Replacement Windows in the Business


The Ultrex® fiberglass in Infinity windows can withstand the test of time, so you never need to replace your windows again.


Infinity windows are custom-made, meaning you’ll get the perfect windows for whatever replacement project you have in mind.

Stellar Service

Let us take care of the work of replacing your windows for you, and relax knowing you’re getting the job done right. With over 20 years of experience, you’re in good hands.

Why Fiberglass?

Fiberglass windows stand out as the superior choice among various materials, including vinyl, due to their unique combination of durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Unlike vinyl, fiberglass windows possess exceptional strength and resistance to warping, expanding, or contracting, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance over time.

One of the key advantages of fiberglass is its remarkable insulation properties. These windows provide superior thermal performance, helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature while reducing energy costs. Unlike vinyl, fiberglass does not expand and contract with temperature variations, preventing gaps that might compromise energy efficiency.

Beyond practicality, fiberglass windows offer a versatile and aesthetically pleasing option for homeowners. They can be customized to mimic the look of traditional wood windows without the associated drawbacks of rotting or warping. The material’s structural integrity allows for slender frames, maximizing the glass area and providing unobstructed views.

When it comes to replacement windows, fiberglass windows emerge as the clear winner and worth the investment, combining the strength of materials like vinyl with enhanced durability and energy efficiency. Homeowners looking for long-term value, reduced maintenance, and an elegant appearance should consider fiberglass as the superior choice for their window installations.

Our Installation Experience

When you pick our windows for your replacement needs, here’s what you can expect from the process:

Correct Consultation

We’ll start with a consultation process where we can learn exactly what you need. Have no idea? Don’t worry; our experts will guide you through the different options, all the while being transparent about the price tag on each.

Fabulous Fit

Our team will come out to get exact measurements so that your windows fit like a glove. Your windows will then be custom-made to your exact specifications. Nothing’s more important to us than getting the perfect fit—not just in your windows, but in your project as a whole!

Ideal Installation

With the new windows ready to go, our team will remove your old windows, get rid of them, and replace them with your new windows, all in one day. Your old windows will be taken care of, and your new windows will be expertly installed in no time.

Legendary Longevity

Never fear that something might happen to your windows. If anything goes wrong during the replacement process, we’ll own up to it and see it fixed with no worrying necessary. Even if something happens way down the line, have no fear: our industry-leading 5-year labor warranty has you covered.


Pricing should be fair. We don’t take a high price mark up so we can take a deep discount.  We don’t play the “free installation” pricing game. That’s not how our owner, Steve Persigehl, likes to be treated. So, our pricing is up front – that’s just the way we work for our neighbors in Nebraska and Iowa.

Upgrade Your Home or Business with Replacement Windows Servicing the Omaha Metro area

We focus our business on providing the brands that offer the best value and the service that compliments the value of the brand. Our team of professionals are mindful of your property, provide courteous service and always go the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied. We make every project our most important project!

Get New Residential Windows

If your home has old, drafty windows, it’s time to upgrade! Our window experts who service the Omaha metro area provide prompt, reliable residential window installation to improve your home’s energy efficiency and value. We evaluate your home and recommend ideal replacement windows to complement your exterior, increasing curb appeal and ensuring you enjoy a comfortable environment indoors. Once you choose your new residential windows, we install them quickly and efficiently to minimize disruptions to your daily life.

Commercial Window Replacement Services

In addition to home window replacement, you can trust our team for commercial windows. Many window companies focus solely on residential windows, not providing the same reliable service to businesses. You’ll work with an expert commercial window installer to ensure your business makes a positive impression. We custom-order windows to fit your commercial property, giving you beautiful new windows that enhance your business. We are your commercial window replacement professionals for trusted service.

Contact us today to learn more about window replacement for your home or business and find out why WIndow Innovations has been named Best of Omaha three years in a row.


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Our Services

We focus our business on providing the brands that offer the best value and the service that compliments the value of the brand. Our team of professionals are mindful of your property, provide courteous service and always go the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied. We make every project our most important project!

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Our Promise

Window Innovations started out with one goal; out service the competition. We started with the idea that if we could provide superior service and keep the pricing fair we would be able to find the success we hoped for. What we found is that providing superior customer care and superior products is the way that we like to do business. We are committed to exceed the expectations of all our customers in new construction, remodeling, installed sales and commercial segments. Window Innovations puts your satisfaction first and foremost in every project that we commit to.

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