Three Things to Know About Replacing a Window in a Commercial Building

When installed correctly, commercial windows can last 15 to 20 years or longer. If you live in the Omaha, NE area and you need to replace a window in your building because it’s old and no longer functions as it should, or it has sustained damage, you’ll need to enlist the services of a professional specializing in commercial window replacement. Skilled and trained installers will ensure you have the right replacement window and that it’s installed correctly and safely.

Three Things To Know Know About Commercial Window Replacement in Omaha, NE

1. Commercial Windows Are Different From Residential Windows

Commercial windows and residential windows are two completely different products. You can’t try to replace a commercial window with the same-sized residential window and vice versa. Commercial windows are designed to let in light, support climate control, and are stronger and heavier than residential windows. They’re also more difficult to install since they require specialized equipment for a successful installation.

If you need to replace a commercial window, you’ll need to ensure that you have the right product, a true commercial window, and a team of skilled installers who know how to replace it so that it blends seamlessly with its surroundings. Professional installers will also ensure the surrounding area of the building doesn’t sustain any damage during the replacement process.

2. Don’t Try To Replace a Window Yourself

Because commercial windows are heavier and more complex than standard residential windows, they require a unique installation process. For that reason, you should never take it upon yourself to DIY a window replacement, especially a commercial one. Instead, you need to delegate this task to an experienced company with the professionals, tools, and equipment to replace your window professionally and safely.

At Window Innovations, we have a team of skilled and trained professionals with years of experience replacing existing and installing new residential and commercial windows. We can take care of every step of this job and ensure professional, aesthetic, and quality results.

3. Size Matters

Window replacement and installation require skill, precision, and perfect measurements. The slightest miscalculation can result in a window that’s slightly too big or too small, and typically, the installer won’t realize the error until mid-installation. Therefore, your installers must take exact measurements to order the right-sized window for your opening so that you aren’t left with an open-air hole in your building as you await a reorder.

At Window Innovations, we know how much accuracy matters when replacing and installing commercial windows. Any miscalculation can slow the entire job or cause unnecessary delays and stress. Our team is skilled in replacing and installing commercial windows, and we’ll ensure that your replacement window is the exact size needed so you don’t have to plan around unforeseen and unnecessary delays and inconveniences.

If you need to replace a commercial window, you also need a team of professionals you trust to walk you through every step of this process. Contact us today at Window Innovations to learn more about our services and to schedule a professional consultation to get your free, all-inclusive project quote.

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