Save On Energy Costs! Learn The Right Time For Window Replacement

Save On Energy Costs! Learn The Right Time For Window Replacement

Window Replacement in the Fall / Winter Season

You may have heard that replacing windows during winter months is a bad idea. This is a common misconception among homeowners, but the truth is, there are some advantages to scheduling your window replacement project during the fall and winter months. Keep reading to find out about some of these benefits, or contact Window Innovations to schedule your window replacement project.

How Do You Know When it’s Time for a Window Replacement?

There are plenty of reasons to replace your old windows.

  1. You’ve had a professional home pressurization test done and new windows are recommended.
  2. You get water in the home during rain storms.
  3. Your windows and doors won’t open easily.
  4. You’ve used your senses to know you need new doors and windows:

Touch your windows to see if the temperature is hot during a summer day or cold during a chilly night,

You hear sirens or other outdoor noises inside,

You can see double pane windows have water (condensation) or fog in the morning.

Or, you’ve done this simple test:

What Are the Benefits of Replacing Your Windows During the Fall and Winter?

Truth is, waiting until now can be beneficial. Here’s why:

Easy to Schedule: It’s easier to schedule a window replacement during the winter because it’s not our busy season for installation appointments.

Cost Savings: During our End of Season Savings Event, it’s a great time to get your project done cheaper and faster.

Immediate Results: When you choose the fall or winter to replace your windows, you will receive an immediate return on your investment. Your energy costs will be reduced, and your house will be warmer.

Don’t let the cold weather stand in the way of scheduling your window replacement. Window Innovations installers are trained employees. We take proper precautions during the replacement process, so installing new windows during the winter is just as effective as any other time of year.

Save energy, money, and time by calling Window Innovations to have your windows replaced this fall at (402) 905-9100.

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