NE and IA Storm Damage Experts

That 5th Season, Storm Season

We all know the big four – Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. But, what about that other Nebraska/Iowa season? The one

that’s a little less predictable. We’re talking about the Severe Weather Season and that means the potential for hail, damaging winds and tornadoes.

This is why it’s important to have windows for every season. Strong enough to protect your home. Beautiful enough to increase

its value. Easy to open, and close. Energy efficient and affordable. So, you can worry about other things. Like whether to bring an umbrella on your next outdoor adventure.

Remember that five season thing…

5 Major Indicators

Hail damage to windows has five major indicators for that insurance adjusters tend to check:

  1. The glass is newly shattered, cracked or broken.
  2. The frame is broken or severely dented.
  3. The screens on windows are torn up or ripped by nature.
  4. Glazing is cracked.
  5. The metal flashing surrounding the window (cladding) or the metal frame is dented.

Very Important REASONS to Choose Window Innovations for Repairs

For over 16 years, we’ve served contractors, and professional builders. Only recently have we expanded our business to home owners. Our experience in understanding, planning and selection of the best options for an entire project is important. We work within every budget and every type of home. Simply put, we know our stuff.

That’s our resume, but here’s why its important to you.

  1. We help you choose window exterior materials that don’t dent easily – metal and wood are more susceptible to hail damage.
  2. Some window glass is more resistant to impacts than others – Andersen and Marvin windows both have double strength glass that is stronger than normal window glass.
  3. Thicker metal for window trim cladding is our standard. This resists hail damage and costly deductibles.

Our team has helped hundreds of homeowners affected by storm damage. Help people navigate the insurance claim process. We are here to provide quality repairs at a fair price.

Most important of all. We’re local. Yes, there are a lot of choices you need to make to recover from a storm but we think you’ll be glad you worked with us. We live in Nebraska and Iowa. We work out of our showroom in La Vista. Our kids go to school with your kids. We put down stakes many years ago and glad to be a part of this thriving Omaha community.

Need help getting doors, windows and cladding repaired? Call the window experts at Window Innovations. (402) 905-9100