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About Window Innovations

Window Innovations was founded in 2001 by Don and Steve Persigehl.  The father-son team started the business with one overriding focus:  Out-service the competition.  The intention of this tactic was to gain a foothold in the market with a product that wasn’t very well known.  Therefore, over the years we came to realize that providing superior service wasn’t just a way to get sales – it was the right way to do business.

To this day, Steve and Window Innovations holds this same focus.  While we have branched out from the wholesale market to include the retail, new construction, remodeling, installed sales and commercial segments, we still strive to provide our customers with an unsurpassed buying experience.

Above all, we are here to make the complicated process of selecting, purchasing and servicing windows as easy as possible.  Let the window experts take the weight off of your shoulders.  We will listen to your needs and help you select the right product for your home.